Mausoleum of Memories

I’ve built a mausoleum
Its bricks are memories
Cemented by my love
I keep this mausoleum
Locked within my heart
A place, deep within
It’s mine, this place
A polished plaque
Life reduced to words
It is the place
Where love was pierced
The heart of love attacked
You come and whisper in my ear
Release me
I’m not here
Unlock the door
And let the wind of life
Sweep in
Release me
Don’t bind me
With your grief
Liberate me from your sorrow
Liberate yourself
The final act of love
For I was never yours to keep
Simply a gift agreed
Within this web called life
My son, you ask of me
To grieve my grief
Then let it go?
I’m not sure I’m strong enough
Or heart attacked by grief
Has healed enough
Yet, I’ve heard you ask
I’ll try to let the wind of life

Sweep in

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