Morning Walk along the Dog Beach

Waves fatigued
From too much sun
Roll indolently
To get more
Comfortable on the shore
Water, too exhausted
To give chase, to play
“Catch me if you can”
Fizzle in the sand
Far from where I walk
Heats sewing machine intensity
Pricks the skin, while
Crickets cling to
Malnourished salt grasses
Clicking, the last message
In secret Morse
Dogs, experts in
Reverse psychology
Catch listlessly thrown balls
To keep their masters happy
And congregate to compare notes
While keeping an eye
On fractious owners
Who stand and clap
It’s the latest trend
To applaud your dog
Positive reinforcement
To bring them to you
Yet pooch, content
Scurries and sniffs
While claps ring out
Finally squatting,
He does his thing
The clapping stops
The owner runs
To scoop up the mess
Pooch licks the owner
He’s well trained

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