My challenge for May


At the beginning of April I set myself a challenge to write a poem a day that had something to do with silence or some aspect of silence within it.

I have to thank the poetic muses for enabling me to complete the challenge by providing poetic inspiration; assisting me to survive on less sleep and to love the silence between mid-night and 2am!

This morning I wrote of noticing the small things that are so easily missed in the mix of our daily lives in the poem – “I want to write”.

I walk to and from work each day down Beaufort St.  It is a distance of about 6kms each way.  So this is my challenge to myself.

Each morning for the next two weeks as I walk to work I will look for something I have not noticed before or seen; something that is easily missed and I will write a poem on it.  I am calling this set of poems “Ponderings on Beaufort St”

Finally, thank you to all the readers and writers.  Your insights and turns of phrases are beautiful and constantly challenge me to strive to do better – thank you.

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