Neurotic Love


He loves me
Well, he says he does.
Perhaps he doesn’t really mean it
Perhaps he’s being nice.
I wonder how I can be sure
You just can never tell
Perhaps if he says it just once more
I’ll know it’s really true.
He says he loves me
But he seems busy
Perhaps he’s growing distant
What can I do to make him love me?
Perhaps I’ll make him angry
Cause then I’ll know
That he thinks I’m worth fighting for
But what if he walks out the door?
Maybe I’ll make him feel guilty
Then he’ll come back to me
I’ll hold him in my arms
And he’ll be glad he’s with me.
You see it’s not that I’m anxious or insecure
I just need to know for sure
He loves me, really loves me
Really, really loves me
And when he’s gone
And I’m alone
I’ll know he didn’t really love me
And once again I’ll hunt for love
I’ll hunt for love
I’ll find that man
I’ll take him in my arms
And hear him say he loves me
This one will not escape
For in my arms entwined
I’ll know he loves me
Caught in my embrace
And when sucked dry
Wilting, withered, wasted
I’ll know he loved me
He really, really loved me.

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