Never trust a palm reader

He sat under the umbrella
Faded, bleached, sun worn
Sheltering from skies clear azure
The sun pin pricks of reflected intensity
Pirouetting across the sea
Dazzling sight with blinding light
Unfortunate for a palm reader
To be so incapacitated
Unseeing he crossed my lines
In the shade his manual lay
But what’s the point of manuals
When blinded by the light
He took my palm
But first made sure
He had my money
Then nodding shrewdly
He cleared his throat
With a urrmph
A urrmph is always good
To lend some weight, some gravitas
To the otherwise absurd
He told me my love line was strong
And I would find a man
And all would be fine
And all is fine
I found a man
That man was me
Never trust a palm reader
He might be blinded by the light
He might confuse your lines

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By badgerslabyrinth