Of Tracks and Spirals

We like to think
That life is single tracked
A straight trajectory from birth to death
We move through stages
Rail carriages
Though sometimes we get stuck
Doomed to repeat
Until, lesson learnt
We make the grade
And next carriage
We continue on
Yet perhaps life is more spiral
Than a track
It brings us back
To lessons learnt
While we, determined by our drive
To arrive, strong-minded
Strive to ascend this spiral
To enlightenment
I’ve learnt that life is less
Of lessons to be learnt
Than panorama’s to ponder
For lessons often are more singular
Carriages on the track of life
While life is often blended, interconnected
And enlightenment?
Is usually downwards not upwards
Found behind doors revisited
And while we might complain
We’ve sorted this lot out
We’ve moved past it
Reframed, processed,
Counselled and released it all
Yet it’s there most often
When we open doors we thought we locked
Where we look in ancient mirrors
Tis there, enlightened
We greet ourselves
And in the blended, interconnected
Multi-strand mess called life
We learn to like ourselves

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