Once Again

Once again
It is the winter of my summer
No gentle autumnal sliding
Into grieving winter’s arms
Once again
It is the season of endurance
When energy’s flow is frozen
And memory chills the heart
Once again
A year has passed
Six years now
Since you left
Once again,
Would I stand
At Hades gates
And play you out
Would I bring you back,
Back into this time
To satisfy a father’s
Grieving heart?
Once again, I stand
I will not call you back
For I have learnt to endure
This freezing of my heart
Once again
Spring will come
Life will flow again, and
Bring me to you
I am your father
I was there at your beginning
I was there at your passing
You are my son….
Once again
I love you
Next week is the 6th year of my son’s passing.  You never get over grief; you learn to live with it, to befriend it, to make space for it in your life.  Each year it affects me in different ways.  This is to honour a young man, who waits for me on the other side

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