I caught a train
From here to there
I was more escaping here
Than going there
I caught a train
The tracks thrummed a beat
A subversive beat
I chose a more orthodox sound
I sat
And let myself be rocked to sleep
I was not ready
To wake up
I sat and watched
My life go by
It was my life
It was another me
I sat and watched
The stars come out
Pin pricks of light
Behind the glass of my life
Now I am there
Yet where is there?
I am not sure
Did I awake too soon?
The trouble is
I can’t go back to sleep
And the stars are now
Crystal tears
I caught a train
It took me down a different track
A lonely track
Yet it was mine to ride
I’ve ridden this track
Far enough
My soul is tired
Will blue eyes
Smile in greeting
Will warm lips kiss me?
Will you embrace me?
Or will we meet
The other side
Another station
Not here but there

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