Perfection and Phallus


I used to attend a gym and always found it interesting to observe people’s behaviour.  The men who gaze lovingly at themselves in the mirrors and those who stare at anything but the mirrors.  Men who flex their muscles in the mirrors to see how big they have grown from yesterday when they were doing the same exercises.
I often thought and still think that the image seen in the mirror is seldom the reality.  Being a skinny and underfed Badger for most of my life I was often envious of those men who were muscled and finely formed yet these days I’m not so envious for while the muscles are often very much on display we do not see the potency of the man.  Often the potency tells a different story.  Of course for me, potency is never just about sexuality although the phallus is a good metaphor for potency.  Potency is the ability of a person (for potency also applies to women) to rise to the challenges of life and engage with life rather than avoiding life’s challenges.  The following is just some of my musings on the phenomenon of desire, physicality and potency.
The object of desire
Manicured muscles watched in mirror image
Let no-one come between me and my likeness
I gaze in loving entrancement
In the heat of excitement to cold steel.
I am my object of desire
Smooth muscle, built, developed, repetition by repetition
Skin, soft, supple, stretched over the engorged form
Of rippling muscle
Downy hair shimmering with the sweat of excitement
Brought on by the mechanical repetition on repetition.
I am my object of desire
The object of others desire
Observe, stare and be envious
The potential of potency
The symbol of virility
The heat of maleness your excitement
I am the object of others desire.
Desire splintered by rage
The potential of potency a shattered mirror
Betrayed by that muscle, my phallus
Lying asleep and shrivelled
It will not rise in proud glory
Virility unimpressed by the object of desire.
Desire now embittered, will not let go.
I will build a bigger, better body
My muscles, sculptured, carved, marbled
Will swell, engorged and fill
While my potency lies undisturbed, asleep
And I, the object of my desire am bloated with the coldness of embittered desire.

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