Prayer of Uncertainty

I am certain
Of my uncertainty
Of this I’m sure
I don’t know what to do
Or what I want
I’m sorry I’m in such a muddle
After half a century
One would think
I should be sure and certain
Yet truth be told
Now I’m on the down ward slope
I’m full of doubt and disbelief
I’m sorry I’m in such a muddle
Ancient Faith said
Ask and you shall receive
And so I asked and asked and asked some more
But I did not receive
I thought I had enough belief
I thought my trust was strong enough
But seems I must have had some uncertainty
I’m sorry I’m in such a muddle
Modern Sages advise me
To visualise and see
They give techniques to draw to me
What I want.
Yet what if what I want
Is not what I really need
And what if what I really need
Has consequences I do not see
I’m sorry I’m in such a muddle
I am confused and in a muddle
I am certain of my uncertainty
And my vague ambiguity
Would be nice if I could visualise
And draw to me a wealthy man
And happy job
Or did I mean a happy man
And wealthy job
Or was it the man who was the job
And happiness wealth
You see I’m confused and uncertain
I’m sorry I’m in such a muddle
And so I ask that perhaps
Within the next half century
You might un-muddle me

And grant me certainty and bliss

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