Reflection in the Mirror Looking Back No 2.

Of Locks and Lochs
Locked within my soul
There is
The echo of the Lochs
And locked within these Lochs
There is
An echo
An echo
Carried far in
Still waters
Running deep
These are the sounds
I keep
Locked within my soul
The sound of eagles
Haunting cry carried on the wind
The gentle slap
As water sylphs
Run through rushes by the shore
The silent brooding
Of highland glens
Where haunting ghosts of
Friend and foe do meet
I’ve stood on those shores
Though t’was in distant past
When I was just a bairn
Still I’ve gathered to me
The haunting echoes
Locked within the Lochs
And locked them in my soul
Yet still I see and yearn
To stand again on the shore
Of silent Lochs
But I’m not sure
The high road or the low
Will get me there again
Perhaps in dreams, I’ll stand
And listen to the echoes of the Lochs.
Till then, I must keep
Locked within my soul
The ancient echoes

Of the Lochs

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