Reflections in the Mirror Looking Back – No 1

 Grandma K
Lace curtains
Hang with idle indolence
Prickling in lethargic heat
Against the afternoon sun
White sheets, white pillows
Off cream coloured spread
White hair, guilty of disorderly conduct
Breaking out from conventional restraints
Skin, clotted cream, tissued, fading
Pale cold eyes stare at me
White night dress, off white bed jacket
A smile
A scrabbling from ancient yellowing skeletal claw
Insect like, clutching at off cream spread
The silent scratching of an emphysemic scarab
A clawed finger beckoning to me
Into the white heat I tread
A room bleached white
By age and lack of air
And walking round this whiteness
I bend to kiss her cheek
And there my eye catches
Ivory white spittoon
Half filled with light green slime
The septic outpouring of her lungs
Colour contrasted bright
And as she wheezes her love for me
My mind reels and heaves
I made sure, poor Grandma K
I never went that side of the bed again
I waved and smiled my love from afar
Safe distance from bright green
And family duty done
Scurried back into the bright light of life.

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