Reflections in the mirror looking back – No 10

Lilac Trees

I walked under the
Lilac tree
Blossoms fragrant history
Cascading into the present
Memories of Granny MacDonald
All lilac water and powder
Yodelling and hooting
Over the fence
The ancient call
Of neighbours
Her skin descending
Seeking rest at lower altitudes
Was held in place with creams
And powders
Though thought has now
Made her of sepia tones
It was her black and white TV
I remember
JFK’s funeral
A six year olds introduction
To a requiem for a dream
All state and stately
Grief standing at attention
A wedding veil exchanged for black
A bride of loss
She wore it well
The sweet smell of lilac
For ever now linked
With decrepit age
The powdery avalanche
Of skin’s slow subsidence
And untimely death
Dreams boxed and carted off

And grief standing to attention

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By badgerslabyrinth