Reflections in the Mirror Looking Back No 3

The Bear
I had a bear
A teddy bear
A queer bear
Whose fur was blue not brown
Red tongue of felt
Small of statue
He was not new
But he was my bear
I can’t remember how we meet
Firm friends we were
He would listen as I rambled
And watch with beady eyes
While games I played
And at the ending of the day
As I drifted off to sleep
He would snuggle next to me
T’was Sunday afternoon
And I, most concerned
The soul of my queer teddy bear
Should be saved
From hell’s slippery slope
I preached to my bear
Of God’s amazing grace
And as the final hymn we sang
My sister waltzed in
Grabbed bear by his tongue
Ripped his red felt tongue
And flung him of his chair
It was then, perhaps, I began to doubt
How could God let my teddy bear’s
Tongue be ripped out.
I wonder what became of
My teddy bear
Perhaps it was the father’s shame
His son should have a bear
Yet even as a man
I still remember with a smile
My teddy bear

The queer bear whose fur was blue

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