Reflections in the Mirror – No 11

Going Back
The reel jumped and flickered
Like a rickety bike on a
Corrugated track
The reel rolled back
Momentum in reverse
Childhood revisited as an adult
Rolling greens
Between grey stone buildings
Time traveller
I’m back in Ireland
Grandparents home
Narrow and deep
Double story for rickety knees
Stairs ascended backwards
The chiming clock
That struck the hours
The fob watch in his pocket
For the minutes
The smell of fresh peas
Bursting from their pods
The smell of Grandpa’s shaving soap
And soda bread
And she,
With her bright red hair
Greeting me
Where did she come from?
And I awoke
The reel moved forward
Into the day

Memories of yesterday

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By badgerslabyrinth