He greeted me
In shadowed light
His face
Alluring in silhouette
His chuckle, predatory and deep
And leaning in towards me
Whispered in smoky tones
I know your regrets
While you prayed, I partied
While you preached I played
While you sought souls to save
I taught them the tricks of the trade
I taught them present enjoyments
When you told them of heaven’s delights
I taught them to laugh
When you trained them in guilt
He grinned in malicious delight
And now?
You wish you had partied rather than preached
And played rather than prayed
You wished you had drunk deep of this cup
Than hope for a future of heavenly delights
I paused and reflected
And then matched his grin
Ah Regret,
It’s true I missed those parties
Those delicious delights
It’s true I wanted to play
So doubts I keep a few
In my attic
For when I’m melancholic
And the moon is full
And I’m walking the pet of self pity
But regrets?
I chose and in choosing
I have no regrets
I am who I am for
I chose what I chose
And Regret, paled
Shrugged and limped away
For he knew, in my choice
I had no regret.

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