Same – Same

Once more
The barricades
Are built, and
Words hammered
Into one dimensional
Complexities are
Flat-lined into
And flags unfurled
Men, who in
Humbler times
Acknowledge the
Of the mind of God
Assume the arrogance
Of God above God
And claim to know
The mind of
The Unknowable.
The foundations
Of society
Threatened by
A definition
Rather than
Our rage,
Our greed
Our failure of compassion
I have walked
These paths before
And smelt the
Sulphuric acidity of
Men’s impotent rage
That their fire and brimstone
Did not pillars of salt make
Of all the poofters in the place.
Instead in their fear
They shouted
As if that
Would send us
All to hell
Beneath the clamour of
The shouting
I hear the silent sound
Of grieving
Hope interned
In the mound of
Broken hearts
The dove of peace
Flown once more
And love
Cremated in anger’s fury
When will we learn?
When will we bow
In humility before
The diversity in creation
And accept
The diversity in humanity

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By badgerslabyrinth