Seeking Enlightenment


I woke up the other morning at 12:05am and suddenly realized I needed to be enlightened.  I stayed awake till 2:00am waiting for it, until I fell into a troubled sleep and woke at 6:00am unenlightened and grumpy but this is what I had.
God grant me enlightenment
And God said, I have given you sight.
Ah, God, I said, it is not enough
I need to see visions,
to see the bright lights of eternity;
to see the lights that have not been seen.
God covered himself in darkness.
God let me hear voices
And God said you hear the birds sing and people talk.
Ah, God, I said, it is not enough
I need to hear the voices of the other-world
to hear the dead whisper their secrets,
the departed channel their wisdom.
God was silent
God let me do miracles
And God said I have given you the gift of enjoying the miracle of life.
Ah, God, I said, it is not enough
I need to do miracles to show people how great enlightenment is
To make people happy
To make people constantly happy and joyous and happy and content.
God groaned in pain.
God grant me silence
And God laughed, you want silence after visions, voices and miracles?
Ah, God, I said I need the silence of wisdom,
The silence of serenity
The stillness of composure
The self-possession of having arrived at oneness.
Then God asked
What would you do with enlightenment?

 Why God I would be brilliant,
I would call Oprah out of retirement
I would reach the masses and declare the truth
Or the truths
I would join the line of saints
I would do good and be powerful
God sighed and turning away I heard him say
My child, just do the little good you can in your little life.
It is enough
Spare Me and Oprah and the masses.
And my prayer prayed was unanswered.

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By badgerslabyrinth