Shame’s Silence


I am your silence
The shame you cannot speak
I am your judge and jury
Your guardian and executioner
So speak to me now in your defence
And let me weigh your words
To see if in my soul
Some compassion can be stirred
Your words condemn you as you speak
For though excuses you may seek
To justify and beautify your life
I am shame you cannot speak
I know your ways
The tim tams in the fridge
The chocolate on the shelf
Your bottled lovers in camouflage
The drugs of your release
Your internet lover
Your organisms of quick release
Your wealth diced on the tables of hope
I’m the shame you cannot speak
I tease and taunt you
Condemning you
To a slow constricting death
Caught in fear’s python like grip
A death of silence
A cadaver turned inside out
For I your shame
Eat from inside out

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