Silence’s Dare


Silence raised her cup
And coyly winked at me
Come drink my cup said she
A special toast to you
You like the stillness and the silence
She raised a mocking eye
But are you brave enough to
Drink this cup of mine?
Our eyes did meet
In taunting dare
What is so special
About your cup?
She laughed in silent laughter
Some, when sipping from my cup, said she
Sleep their way through life
While others….., she grinned in mean magnificence
My mind recoiled
As my hand reached out
I rose to her challenge
And tipped her cup back
And in the stillness of that moment
The silence of that sip
I saw my other self staring back at me
And I understood
I understood why some choose noise
Laughter, sound and clamour
To drown out Silence’s
Sardonic dare
Should noise grow faint
And laughter cease
And silence slip your way
And coyly wink at you
Choose carefully what you will do
What taunting challenge you will take
Perhaps the bravest thing of all
Is to welcome laughter’s delight

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