Silent Meditation after Yoga


I’ve saluted the sun
Dogged upwards and downwards
I’ve cat stretched and cobra’d
Planked and de-planked
Twisted and stretched
Now I’m shavasana’d
in deep meditation
Concentrating on breathing
A truck rumbles past
Don’t listen to the truck
I listen to the truck
My mind drifts off………….

I return after silence refreshed and renewed
I’ve sorted out tea
I’ll phone Dorothea
I’ve sorted out work
I’ll swing by the dry cleaners
I’ve planned the weekend
I’ve replayed and won the discussion I had last week
As for next week I’ve wondered and worried
For planning and preparation is what it’s all about
I must remember to write it all down before I forget

I sit in calm repose
And wonder why she’s wearing that!
The cut and colour should not be allowed
I bow my head in silent thanks
And Namaste peace to all
Now move bitch don’t just stand there
Peaceful in vacant repose
I’ve got places to go and people to see
I smile and I nod as I scurry away
I just love the silent mediation 

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