Silent Thoughts of Men


You loved me for my silence
You called it very deep
It added to my mystery
Of strength and inscrutability
You chatted merrily
In my silence
You rattled on and on …and on
Secure in your knowledge I listened
I grunted and I nodded,
I’d mutter “mmmm” and “ahhhh”
And all the while in silence
My mind drifted far
For I was thinking
Of work and wine
Of boys nights out
And a boy’s night in
I thought of sex
The last time we had it
The next time we will
And what to do in between
I thought of football
Rugby, soccer
Basketball and
Other games with balls
I thought of mates,
Face book friends,
Who tweeted to whom,
And how I could check my phone.
So you see my silence
Tis not deep nor mystic
Nor strong, or calm
I’m just in my own world
While you rattle on and on …. and on.

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