Soldiers of the Terrace


Soldiers of the Terrace
Marching with firm tread
Shielded in your suits
Striding with assurance
Unflinching in the daily fray
He sidles down the footpath
Guerrilla-like in small diagonals
Slipping in the footsteps striding soldiers leave
Matters of business
Conquests, board room battles
Take over’s; treaties of defeat
Spoken out loud
To IPhone grown ear
He murmurs to his friend
Substance of his mind alone.
Unseen slides whispering beside him
Soldiers of the Terrace
Straight marching men of business
Hands grasping Ipads and pads,
With fierce tenacity
Nothing breaks your stride
No IPhone he requires
To hear the voices in his ear
No bad connection breaks their sound
Impervious as he slips by.
Imperial intent on important things
Blind to his shy, sly grin
No second thought, no backward glance
As you march by
He turns and grins
Silent laughter
Shared in the spaces of his mind
Straight marching men of business
You with him
Do share a common thread
Delusions wrought in mind and thought
Of wealth and glory
Have yet to learn
To greet and smile at your illusions.

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