Son’s Words

Tis time to close
The door
You’ve held ajar in hope
You know I’ve gone
I won’t be back
I won’t walk through that door
You’ve done your part
Release me
Don’t keep the door ajar
And while you may resist
Know this
Life’s current still connects us
I’m just ahead.
I’m just ahead
As you said
When you said goodbye
So close the door
Don’t fret
I’m in your heart
I know you won’t forget
My memory is not served by grief
So close the door
Don’t live betwixt between
Live in life
For eternity begins
Here not there.
My life was all it should have been
Perfect in eternities perspective
And while I fell
I fell into grace
Would you grieve me that?
Now I tread a different path
A different time and place
So close the door
I won’t be back
I won’t walk through the door
Yet we are still connected
With love’s heart

So love life and live

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