When Politicians fall silent behind the barricade of military strategy
And compassion is re-framed as a border war
It is the poets, writers and artists who much speak.
It has been said the pen is mightier than the sword
And never has there been a time when courageous pens are needed
A time to remind people of the importance of compassion towards the outsider
When governments become pre-occupied with fear based policies
And ignore their responsibility to communicate to the electorate
Or communicate stories of fear and control
It is the poets, writers and artists who must become the guardians of courage
It is the poets, writers and artists who can speak truths and refashion them
Into the stories that give hope and freedom
Stories that point to a future
Stories of the Gandhi’s, the Luther Kings, the Mandela’s of the 21st century

That give hope in place of fear and compassion in place of paranoia 

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By badgerslabyrinth