Filament of flimsy vocabulary,
Words knitted together
A fishing net
Strung with deft intention
Meaning twisted between
The knotted cords
Do the words have meaning?
Is a fishing net a fishing net?
Perhaps the meaning suffocated
In the web of words for
Who can fish the meaning of a word
From the depths of souls
Threads of words that bind
We pray they will not snap
It is the spaces, of our
Soul’s silence we fear
Our howling loneliness
That drives us to our neurosis
We grope in fretful peevishness
Convinced by distraction
We will remain afloat
While, within our ears
The roar of our crashing
Isolation reverberates
It is not the net of words
That saves us, rather
The wisps of silence
For in the tufts of stillness
We hear beauty’s echo beating

In the womb of the world

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By badgerslabyrinth