Stuck Ideas

I sit poised, waiting,
Fingers held in readiness
For inspirations flow
But plagued by hoards of micey thoughts
I stare through dirty windows
I want to write
On shadows
Cool shades of the street
That creep and sneak
But shadows disappear
Then I try to write of love
Of eyes with passion lit
And romance dark and brooding
Yet I must confess my cynicism
Of lust flamed love shot eyes
I’m back to shadows
This time mine
The shadows of my soul
Shadows not on the street
But those that creep and sneak in me
And still the words don’t come
Perhaps it was Aunty Val who stayed too late
That thoughts are like sluggish sewage
The windows very dirty
And shadows cross my desk
I’m back to love
This time kisses
The opening lines
Kisses are a sign of love
Then kiss me not
Once again the words submerge
Bubbles in murky mess of mind
Perhaps the words may
Or not….


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