I thought we agreed
You and me
We seemed to.
I thought, we thought
The same
You nodded when I spoke
I thought you agreed
Saw it, as I did
Now, I know
You were being polite
You didn’t see it
Not really
Not like I saw it
It surprising this space
Between how we see
What do we do
With this space?
This gap between
Me and you
What do we do?

Surprised by this space
This cosmos between us
I’m uncertain
Startled by distance
The universe between us
We orbit, dancing
On gossamer rings
Waltzing around each other
One step together
Two steps alone
The warmth of your breath
Reminds me we’re together
My surprise,
Reminds me 
I am alone

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  • We've all been here I think. I know I have, both as the person doing the speaking, and unfortunately, as the person appearing to be on the same wavelength. Nowadays when I don't understand I do try to say something!

  • THanks Jeremy, we had a politician in Queensland who was famous for saying in Parliament "please explain!" . Although she was laughed at, at least she did have the courage to acknowledge what she didn't know and get clarification! 🙂

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