Dam your prayers


I was fed a lie Suckled on illusions Of sanctity suffocating My stifled humanity The all-seeing eye Of a God, choked thoughts That gagged on the nipple Of holiness but not wholeness I wonder what He thought, as He Watched, fear Smother my humanity Love perverted By parameters of ideologies The certainties of dogma’s Making it easier For His drones Castrated by their fear To warm themselves at The...

This Path


I walk This path Empty But for dust balls Of shame I have prayed For redemption But from what? I am Still unsure The rosary Of my prayers Countless And still Unanswered Silence Shadows me As I walk This empty Dust filled path. Pray, they say God answers. Wishful thinking Made powerful By repetition. Yet in the Silence that surrounds me No answer Is given And I walk This path, my Path of shame...

We are the silent sons


We are The silent sons Of silent men. We were Not born This way, But have Grown so. Slowly silent A severity, We were told For our own good. We climbed Our fathers Mt Moriah, To find No sacrificial lamb But us. Our father’s God, Content to sacrifice His sons. To bleach their Bones, on the Alter of respectability. Grey suits Crushed into Conformity. I am the Silent Son Of a silent man, Yet silent...



There was Always Something To do There was Always Someone To help There was Always Somewhere To go There was Always, the Frenetic Feverishness That mocked Us, with Monotone Monotony Gnawing at Our dis-ease The virus Of modernity Coursing through Us, with restless Agitation and Inferior insecurity II There was Always God All seeing All knowing All intrusive A recurrent Theological infection In the...