The untold story


Is the silence behind the smile, The slight of distraction to Keep momentum outwards Never inwards. Grey mists of grief Roiling behind layers of Skin, steeled and shuttered Bulwarked against scalded tears. I have learnt the weight Of this darkness, a darkness No pinprick star of love Can penetrate. This darkness It is best, not to break the stillness with dreams of hope. Yet a slender string Of...

Love’s Distance


From afar He said I love you He meant it At least, he believed He meant it The residual afterglow Of the friction Of bodies Warmth Mistaken For love Pupils dilated Search the contours Of our faces His history Just beginning Mine etched in lines I love you He said Hoping it was true But ours Was a case Of mistaken identity He the youth I might have been I the man he might be Too much distance Too...

Same – Same


Once more The barricades Are built, and Words hammered Into one dimensional Weapons. Complexities are Flat-lined into Slogans And flags unfurled Men, who in Humbler times Acknowledge the Unknowability Of the mind of God Assume the arrogance Of God above God And claim to know The mind of The Unknowable. The foundations Of society Threatened by A definition Rather than Our rage, Our greed Our...