The untold story


Is the silence behind the smile, The slight of distraction to Keep momentum outwards Never inwards. Grey mists of grief Roiling behind layers of Skin, steeled and shuttered Bulwarked against scalded tears. I have learnt the weight Of this darkness, a darkness No pinprick star of love Can penetrate. This darkness It is best, not to break the stillness with dreams of hope. Yet a slender string Of...

Living with Bent Paths


One of the things with walking a labyrinth, is its disorientating nature.  You can never see into the distance.  Your sight is constrained by the next bend in the path.  When you do get to the bend and look right and left both views seem to the same, leading to the quandary do I turn right or left? Robert Frost captures this perplexity in his poem, The Road Not Taken Two roads...