The Affair


Ponderings from Beaufort St – 8th May 2013
I confess to an affair.
My regular partner is reliable and strong
Though at times he is acidic in tone
But she, she was alluring.
I didn’t mean to betray but
I’d noticed her before
Half hidden, shy demure
Her eyes dark, smoky, inky deep
Her skin, porcelain white
Her figure round and firm
A figure inviting to be held
And cupped in loving tenderness
Her sweet perfume
Heady with sensual allure
Though I tried to remain faithful
I’d thought of her to long
That fateful day
We met
I gazed into her smoky eyes
And raised her to my lips
Dam, that’s good coffee!
I have my regular coffee haunt but walking to work I noticed a new coffee place and immediately felt the ‘temptation’ to try their coffee and miss my usual haunt.  Hence the poem.

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