The Alchemy of Pain


First the cut
An unexpected wound
In the fabric of our frame
Shaking our serenity
In our pain
We twist and turn
Lash out and shout
Seeking someone to blame
Yet the wounding is
The necessary part
The start of
The alchemy of pain
We must endure the pain
Tying our souls to this stake
We must undergo the purifying fire
The chemistry of transformation
Then our tears must flow
Through cuts and scratches of our soul
The salt of tears much cleanse the wounds
Left by purifying fire
Tears must wash our soul
As sands are ocean washed
For in the wave of tears
The debris of the fire is cleansed
In the space
Of fire and water
A hollowness is formed
Through which the spirit wind does flow
And in the echo of the spirit
If souls are stilled
We start to understand
The alchemy of pain
For while we think
We’d like our lives
Trouble free and grand
Pain is a necessity
In the wounding and the fire
In the water and the salt
In the echo of the spirit
Pain is transfigured
Through the vein of pain
A thread of gold now runs
And in an aching soul
A space is formed
And in that silent space
By alchemy of pain
Beauty in perfection blooms

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