The Bible

She sat two chairs up from me
Diagonally across
And on her lap
She read a book
My eyes turning to avert
Became alert
For I recognized the book
That was on her lap
It had seen better days
Yet was much loved
For sticking out from pages
Were notes and bits of paper
As she waited for the Doctor
She read from Titus Chapter 1
It took me to a past
When I had such a book
The crinkle of the paper
The verses underlined
Notes scribbled in the margin
And bits of paper stuck within
Sometimes God still spoke
Though not within the Canon
Hence stick-it notes were needed
To jot His sayings down
And as I reminisced
I heard the paper crinkle
She flicked through pages
Perhaps God had spoken
Another verse was she looking for?
No her nail file
She found it in some battle scene
Within the Old Testament
God now waited
In the waiting room
To speak His word
While her nail she filed
Or perhaps God looked down
And unimpressed
Had spoken
Child do your nails!

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