The Christmas I Remember

Reflections in the Mirror Looking Back – No 7
The smell of pine
Branch cut, into sand stuck
In hope it may resurrect
Vain hope,
It was the wrong season for resurrection
Dwarf Father Christmas’ in red and green
Pine scented from earlier years
Hang once more
Dangling silent witness to
Dying childhood hopes
That walk, through white crystalline land
Unhurried, no church meeting to attend
You, unshackled from God’s calling
Fires of hell, snow dampened
Were we once a happy family?
For fun, sheer useless fun
You leant over icy water to grab
Translucent ice and dragged
It into shore
We carried it home, you and I
The icy queen unimpressed by such frivolity
Was not amused
The ice it sat, till
In tears, it disappeared
And left a memory
The memory of a man
Who once had laughed
A man for whom
His son’s love

Was not enough

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