The Feather


Ponderings from Beaufort St – 10th May 2013
I passed it on the street
Dank and limp
A shadow of its former self
Sighing in wind’s bleak draft
Seeking some will to rise and lift
To once again attain
The glory
Of faultless flights of grace
Lifting in exultation
Soaring on rising drafts
Yet drab and dirty grey
It lay in isolation
Perfection cast aside
Useless, lifeless, graceless
And as the bird did rise
Did it look down with grief
To see it’s feather float adrift
Or was it with relief
To let new growth occur
I pondered on this feather
And wondered
What ancient feathers of my mind
I must release to soar on rising drafts
Of life’s potentialities
What anxious fears and worries
Lies dank and limp within my soul
When with courage and with grace
I could let them go and
Wing the thermals of the possible

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