The Flame Tree

Crescent moons of flaming red
Pentecostal tongues of fire
Miracle of natures flowering
Parrots screech ecstatically
Language of delight
Knobbly tongues and
Hardened beaks
Kiss coals of nectar sweet
Rebellious trollop
Against winters sombre sobriety
Flowering lips of luscious red
Scarlet lipstick brazen hue
Nails, more talons
Painted, enameled cherry
Illusion of lustful heat
To vainly warm bare branches
There will come the day
When soul’s scars of raging red
And frenzied fury
Will turn to russet ruby
And kiss me with coals of nectar sweet
Will I explode in rebellious riotous colour?
Natures flowering of me
Or hide in winter’s sombre sobriety
Was out walking yesterday morning when I passed a Flame Tree is full flower.  It’s flowers of red so vibrant and not a leaf in sight.  Bare branches and red flowers – absolutely beautiful.

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