The Half Iron Man


In honour of my daughter who completed her second half iron man on Saturday 10th May 2013.
They came under cover of the darkness
In answer to some ancient call
Entering sacred ground
Where metalled steeds did wait
And on the alter of lucky towels
Placed before these steeds,
Shoes of speed were aligned
Gels and drinks were placed strategically
On steeds trim flanks
So air did not impede their speed
Along metallic tracks
Wives and partners looked on
Their love in second place
For on this day
T’was all about
The warriors of this race
And as the sky lightened
To greet the rising sun
They cast aside their outer clothes
And into rubber squeezed
Then national anthem sung
As sun blinked in surprise
They rushed into Poseidon’s realm
A foaming, frothing mass
They fought each other
To gain some space
So rhythm they could attain
To try and warm their chilled thin skin
Till rubber layer kicked in
Through 1.9km they swam
A long baptism
Through Neptune’s realm
Then dragged themselves up sandy shores
With shaky limbs
They sought to peel away their rubber skin
But like a butterflies cocoon
It bound them tight
They pulled and pushed and stamped their feet
Eventually they were free
To climb upon their metalled steed
And sought to borrow Hermes wings
To speed them on their way
For 90km the distance of the charge
Of this light steeded brigade
They pushed themselves to endurances outer limits
Trusting themselves to metallic momentum
When distance done they parked their steeds
And changing Hermes wings for feet
Like Marathon of old they ran
Yet no message of victory or defeat
They brought
Simply the determination to complete
This third and final race
Their bodies pushed beyond endurance
Some ran, some stumbled, some shuffled
Legs numb and cramped
And stomach sick
They hit the wall
Yet lurching through
Till 21kms were done
The crowd willed them on
With a final cheer
They raised a weary hand
And crossed the line
Spent they lay
Beyond exhaustion
Yet with dawning jubilation
They had done the race
And won
And I looked on in wonder

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