The Kiss

Ponderings from Beaufort St – 30thAugust 2013
They sat,
She side saddle on his lap
He perched on metal stool
Beside busy road of
Anxious cars driven by
Neurotic drivers and
Buses constipated with
Rush hour commuters
They oblivious to it all
A word spoken
Caught in the cacophony of noise
Slipped unheard
In the space between
She leaning in to him
Youthful suppliant
Strands of hair falling
Blond curtain of
No privacy
Eyes shut
Transported and transformed
From teenage gangly awkwardness
To sophisticated erotic lovers
Arousing passion with smooth finesse
Instead of groping mole like to plant a kiss
I passed the second before mouths met
Within the embrace of youthful passion
Was more a clinging it would not last
That first kiss
Is always weighted
Weighted with the fragility of possibility
Weighted with hope’s expectation
Of what might be
Perhaps that is why
They closed their eyes
So they could not see
The weight behind each other’s eyes

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