The Labyrinth

Through this maze
Frayed fragments of myself
Spool out, a tenuous thread
Of ancient DNA
My story, a coded mystery
Decoded in life’s labyrinth
In the centre
The Minotaur of me
DNA birthed in a spasm
Of guilt and icy unenjoyment
Half human, half divine
Clay built, in breathed
In the centre
Confronted by myself
What half would I annihilate?
Would I kill the human part?
And live without the thrill of sin
And the pain of guilt
Could I refuse to be a god
And not let my soul soar
When I hear you say
I love you
Content to live and die
As a man
I have been to the centre
It’s an age thing
There is no Minotaur
There is just me
Half human, half divine
Nothing to annihilate
In the centre
There is silence
The silence of presence
Not of absence
The silence of eternity
Distilled in my DNA

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By badgerslabyrinth