The Lover

Dark lover
Swarthy, agile
Ebony black
Eyes pale, translucent orbs
Pearled white
Lips, lust warmed
The intensity of a
Lonely gluttonous kiss
Standing in silence
Luminous in your darkness
Sword in hand
Horn of potency
Rise in splendour
Tight and taut
Dark Predator
Fold me in your wings
Wings of sable
Hold me while I burn
Skewered on your horn
Jubilant in elation
For years I ran to outrun you
For years you tracked me down
Your messages I left ignored
I kept to sunlight path
The places you could not tread
But now my lover
I turn to you
Kiss me and let us dance
Dark lover
Swarthy, ebony black
You are my shadow
The darkness of myself
The bits of me I’ve hated
You’ve kept
Till I learnt to love

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