The Mathematics of Loneliness

I stand alone
Uncertain, yet certain
A trinity of loneliness
Between me, myself and I
In Platonic agitation
I search for some one else
Convinced my unity of one
Is just a half
Loneliness, the space in which
A solitary decimal point sits
A full stop precluding completion
A blockade between two
Platonic completion
Two halves making a whole
A whole emptiness
Boundaries configured in a circle
I started at one
Am now at zero
Still lonely
Subtraction didn’t work
Perhaps I’ll try addition
I’ll add another one
Two is company,
A company of what
What if I choose
Not 1 but half.  A full stop
Precluding completion
Will I be lonely with 1.5?
Perhaps the 0.5 will not matter
Yet it may matter very much
I may still be half lonely
Would that be worse?
1 + 0
I might choose a zero
An incarnated empty space
Myself plus nothingness
I’ll still be by myself
1 (squared)
Perhaps I’ll square the root
And find another me
Yet one of me’s enough
Besides I do not fit a square
I was never good at maths
But I’ve learnt
Loneliness has its own
Equation of subtracting

Adding and squaring

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