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I was speaking to Ricardo DeOliveira the other day about his love of music and then Nikk Driver posted a beautiful comment about music 

performance characterises minimal movement, when love stands still you can still hear the echo of infinite dimensions….”
Both interactions started me thinking about the beauty of a single musical note struck in love.  The following is my attempt to capture this.  Apologies to both Ricardo and Nikk where I do not do their love of music justice.
He leant into the instrument
His body strummed to its sensual feel
His fingers caressed its strings
With light and gentle touch
His ears caught the gentle hum
As notes quivered with delight
He took a breath and stilled his soul
Then with movement slight
He struck the note
It lifted in graceful flight
And rose in sublime tonality
A clear and simple sound
It soared in pure simplicity
A single note struck in love
Its clarity profound
And rising to itself
Reverberated all through time
And reach into infinity
It ascended to eternity where
Angels stilled their wings
And bent their heads to listen  
To sound so pure, so light
Yet, one more time it lifted
Then into silence passed
And in that silent space
The universe held it’s breath
Waited, hushed and stilled
And faintly through the eons
The echo did resound
And back it rolled
To the man who sat
And with slight movement
Strummed a single note
A note of love

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