The Poison of Spaces

The poison waits
Content to rest
Behind many layered defence
Of rational thought and
Logics guard
Behind the soul
It has no haste, having learnt
The value
Of venoms slow release
It lies and listens
To spoken works
Assuring all and sundry
“I’ve worked it out”
“I’ve seen the light”
I’ve had therapy
I have the remedy
I’ve got it all worked out
I’m healed
Till I’m not
It’s not so much the spoken word
Repeating down through time
It’s the words unsaid,
Empty spaces where words should be
That ricochet into me
Then poison yawns
And toxic contagion
Leisurely uncoils
Seeping under defences
Strangling rational thought
Frozen in helixes of history
The past spirals around me
Embracing and crushing
The present not the past
Recoil into the current
Embrace this moment

The poison’s past

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