The Preacher

The Preacher[1]
The Preacher spoke the Word
With confidence
Assured he’d heard God right
He expounded with fluent eloquence
The intricacies of theology
Convinced, through him God spoke
Perhaps he hadn’t heard quite right
For voices in his head
Had distracted God
Perhaps his ego was more
Cogito ergo sum[2] than grace
Perhaps God was not so eloquent
He did not doubt his word
He could not doubt theologies
His God did not doubt
For a doubting God
Could not be God
Doubt and God could not exist
Yet perhaps God doubted
The Preacher’s capacity to hear
Perhaps God doubted
The confidence with which he spoke
Perhaps God doubts
When it comes to man
If God doubts
Perhaps the Preacher
Should pause
Than presumptuously to preach
Of what he thinks
Are the thoughts of God
And if God doubts us
Perhaps it’s best
We talk less
And rather than pontificate
We learn to listen
In wonder to the silence

[1] I have spoken of the Preacher in the masculine, this is just for ease of reference.  I acknowledge that there are an increasing number of female Preachers.  The lesson is still the same for all Preachers
[2] I think therefore I am

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