The Search

I searched for love,
I had it once
At least for part of me
Perhaps I was greedy
And wanted love for all of me
The whole and not the half
I made a choice
For truth
Thinking with truth
Love would follow
Yet love smiled
And wished me all the best
Like many men
I’ve looked for love again
Yet Love is coy
It seems some deception
Suits Love best
Rather than the glare of truth
And grown tired of searching
I’ve learnt to accommodate
Our frailties
The vacillating kiss
The touch that has
Not substance
When I slip
Between the folds of time
Into the arms of Love
Will she be kind?
With my choice
Of truth over her
I do not know
All I can do
Is forgive myself
For choices made
With good intentions
And hindsight’s benefits

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