The Shadow

He came towards me
Ungainly, clumsy
In his gait
As if too long
He had slept
And had to learn
To walk again
He had slept too long
Hiding in the crevasses
Of my shame, waiting out
The snow storm of self doubt
The blizzard of fear, hoping
To blow itself into spring
Blundering towards me
I froze in fearful uncertainty
How does one greet oneself?
How do you say hello
To fragments of yourself
Phantoms of yesterday
Who haunt my today
I turned to run
Fearful of my fear
But love, took me
By the hand, held me
And whispered in my ear
This is yourself, the other part
The shadow you
We met
This shadow and I
And looking in his eyes
I saw myself as I had been
Another self, yet still the same
Two survivors who had endured

Two tales of one story

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