The Silent Robes of Roles


I played my roles
And learnt my lines
I learnt them very well
I took the part
And robed myself in roles
I played good son
Faithful and loyal consort
A gift of my father
To frustrated maternal whims
I kept my silence
I played good Christian
Faithful and loyal and true
I gifted myself to God’s holy orders
To frustrated fraternal desires
I kept my silence
I played good adult
Mature, reserved, contained
I gifted myself to others
A child grown up too soon
I kept my silence
Oh yes I played my roles
And behind my eyes the eyes of a child
Sought to be known
For who I was, simply me
I kept my silence
I‘ve grieved in silence
The boy too soon a man
The child unseen
In an adult’s world
A role within their schemes
Silent no more
I cast my roles aside
The lines I learnt I refuse to speak
The robes I wore
Are torn and rent
I rise to greet that boy.
That boy who is now the man
I take him in arms
Into his eyes I gaze
And see his pride reflected in mine
For we the boy and man
Survived the roles we played
Now hand in hand
We walk in silent prayerful gratitude
And thrive without our roles

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