The Silent Tango of Fear


She came towards me
With sultry swaying steps
Her smile as open as her arms
To embrace me,
Partner in her dance
A dance we danced before
Day in, day out
In slow and silent steps
The rhythmic beat of hearts in sync
My feet begin move
She leads as only she can lead
My body chilled in her embrace
Her breath upon my neck ice cold
Her hand upon my shoulder
Hoar frost pentacles
It is the dance of fear I dance
A puppet pulled by silent strings
The dance of
Might be’s; may be’s; could be’s’ possiblies
A dance of slow constricting steps
I can’t do this I could be wrong,
I can’t say that, you may be right,
I can’t be this, it’s possibly incorrect
I can’t be that, it’s definitely false
I can’t be who I am
So I live my life
In the dance of fear
And hope in fear’s embrace
I might be right
But I fear I’m wrong
I’ll stop this dance
I’ll dance myself
I’ll dance without fear’s embrace
I’ll dance to the rhythmic beat of my heart
My heart and I, we’ll dance alone
I will do this, for I must dance
I will dance my truth
I will dance who I am
I will dance to my beat
I will dance for
I am who I am

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