The Soul’s Ache


The gentle ache of my soul
Reverberates to ancient
Silent chords
Strummed from eternity
Into time’s chaotic folds
My soul stirs to its sound
With earth bound wings would seek to rise
And pass into the light
Beyond the veil
Beyond time’s chaotic folds
The echo comes to me
My soul leaps in ecstasy
And in the whispering silence
My lover’s voice I hear
Come to me, my love
Swathed in eternity
Ancient lover of my soul
Wrap me in ecstasy
Fill me with delight
And when my human form
Fades and wastes away
Take my soul
And dance with me
Into eternity
Dance with me
Ancient lover of my soul
Dance with me to silent chords
Strummed in eternity
Take me beyond time’s chaotic folds

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